Glenrothes 70th Anniversary

In 1948…

  • Rowntree’s introduce Polo mint sweets
  • the Land Rover is unveiled at the Amsterdam Motor Show.
  • the world’s first stored-program computer, runs its first program.
  • The National Health Service is established, giving the right to healthcare.
  • The Olympic Games is held in London

…and Glenrothes was born.

On 30th June 2018 Glenrothes will be 70 years old, and throughout 2018 we’re celebrating locally and sharing with the world that Glenrothes is a fantastic place to live, work, visit and play.

Go Glenrothes is co-ordinating a programme of events for GR70, which aims to celebrate the past, present and future of Glenrothes.  GR70 is an opportunity to discover the town – its history, its landscape, its architecture, its culture and its people.

And Glenrothes’s residents, communities and organisations are coming together to celebrate – read about all GR70 events in our Events page.

This website will be updated throughout our birthday year with the latest news and events, and you can follow us on Facebook or use #GR70 to hear more.



Get Involved

Go Glenrothes is co-ordinating the GR70 programme but we know it’s the efforts of individuals, communities and organisations that will make Glenrothes’s birthday a success.

Here’s some ways you can get involved:


Develop an Event or Activity…

We are developing two event programmes for GR70 and its up to you to decide how you want to get involved:

1.     Develop and deliver a GR70 Programme event, which helps to tell the story of Glenrothes over the past 70 years – to be part of this projects will need to have a high impact and need to meet our GR70 Programme criteria. You will need to register your event by completing the online event form.

2.     Develop and deliver an Associated Programme event, these will sit alongside the GR70 Event Programme and you will be allowed to use the GR70 logo.  You can register your event by uploading it to our ‘Events’ page via this link.  


Be part of an Event…

There are three key points during the year when we want everybody to get involved, by running their own events (whether communities, businesses or charities) and celebrating in their own areas and communities. Find out more here.


Send us a fact or photo…

We’re looking for facts about Glenrothes’s people, businesses and groups to add to the 70 facts about Glenrothes page.  Email your fact or facebook us.  We’ll ask our social media followers to vote facts in and out to keep the list relevant.

We’d also love you to share your photos of Glenrothes from the last 70 years, especially if they show how the town has changed.  Email your photos to us and we’ll use them here or on social media.